29th September 2021

Our Online program allows children to learn at their own environment . Instead of sitting in a class with other kids and listen to the Instructor's lecture. They can take more time on what is difficult for them to understand.And most of all a study found that kids who were allowed to move at their own environment for an online learning were more taught than those grouped in a  classroom. It gives

10th September 2021

I learnt lot of things today : Many thanks to the students of Friday LS101 Class, Your cooking project was amazing and the food itself was well crafted, well cooked and TASTY Seriously @Georges-Janvier VODOUGNON and @Eliane AKOWE Many thanks for the story of ATTIEKE and the culture of COTE-D'IVOIRE :ABODJAMANATTIEKEGARBALet's continue the learning together and for more projects !!!Check your DM f

10th August 2021

Lecture plan for ACADEMY WORKSHOP of Wednesday 11 August, 2021 at 10:00amLight refreshment and NetworkingeXplore Academy as studenteXplore Academy as instructorCreate/Edit/Modify/Delete CourseCreate a Live ClassInstructor Commission and RevenueMultiple instructors in ClassInstructor Blog

7th August 2021

All In One-Academy TM, is an educational platform for global learning and promotion of cultural exchange. All courses are certified and accredited: TOEFL | IELTS | GRE | GMAT | English courses | Computer Science | Personal Development, and more, by international instructors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).Academy offers Live Classes with instructor, and Video On-Demand. Get optional Certificate

4th August 2021

All In One-Benin is transitioning and will soon join the Academy. More Global, and more flexibility. As a consequence of the ongoing health crisis, educational institutions were required to make provisions that would allow both teachers and students to work from home. Continue to learn with the Academy amidst the pandemic. All In One-Academy TM is an educational platform for global learning and pr