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Cybersecurity is about promoting security and strengthening data protection. It is built around an idea that technology and innovation might help the community fight poverty and live healthier lives in the future than we have in the past...

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What learn

  • Data Security
  • Security Best Practices
  • Threats and Attacks Vectors
  • Networking basics

Course Content

20 sections • 20 lectures • 03h 11m total length
Episode 01 : Data Security for Schools

Data Security for Schools

Episode 02 : Why The U.S. Can't Stop Cyber Attacks
In this episode, watch this exciting video to know why the U.S. can't stop cyber attacks. U.S. recently faced a series of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline, the city of Tulsa, and JBS, the world's largest meat producer. Ransomware, a program that hackers use to hold digital information hostage, has become the top choice of malware for criminals. In 2020, the total amount of ransom paid by the victims reached nearly $350 million worth of cryptocurrency, most of them in bitcoin. So what led to the rise of ransomware in the U.S. and what makes it so difficult to fight?
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Episode 03 : A Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Student
In this episode, yet another day in the life of a cybersecurity student. I thought I would hop on the trend and document my day through this video. If you are interested in cybersecurity and want to know how to get started, take a look this video first!! Enjoy !
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Episode 04 : The invisible enemy: Cyber terrorists
In this episode : The invisible enemy: Cyber terrorists wreaking havoc and costing billions | 60 Minutes Australia. The world is at war. Every minute of every day, governments, institutions and companies, many in Australia, fight for survival in combat against cyber criminals. The enemy is not only evil, but also extremely clever in attempting to extort money from often unsuspecting organisations. Stealth is one of the hackers’ most potent weapons, enabling maximum mayhem and catastrophic damage. Three months ago, NINE, Australia’s largest locally owned broadcasting and publishing company, was attacked. On 60 MINUTES, Tara Brown reports from the frontline of this extraordinary cyber battle: a sinister infiltration that led to an incredible fightback which tested the best technical minds in the country.
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Episode 05 : Cyber Security Demo for Industrial Control Systems
In this episode, watch today's ever-changing global world, cyber-attacks against manufacturing and critical infrastructures can be catastrophic.
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Course Syllabus
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Chapter 01 : Phishing Attacks
Phishing is a social engineering attack. In most cases, it is used to access and steal user data such as credit card numbers and login credentials. This kind of attack occurs when an intruder masquerades as a trusted party and deceives the victim into opening a text message, instant message, or email. Next, the victim is duped into clicking a link which allows the attacker to freeze the system or install malware.
Episode 01 : Networking basics
Networking basics - | What is a switch, router, gateway, subnet, gateway, firewall & DMZ
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Episode 02 : Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Intern
In this episode, Just another day in the life of an Cybersecurity I.T. Nerd.
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Episode 03 : Do you need a Cybersecurity home lab?
In this episode, watch Do you need to build your own Cybersecurity home lab? Or is it better to just use labs as a service offerings?
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Episode 04 : Network Security Workshop
SecureSet is a cybersecurity academy with campuses in Denver and Colorado Springs CO, as well as Tampa FL. They also host events in Austin TX and DC Metro.
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Chapter 02 : Advanced Persistent Threats
Chapter 02 : Advanced Persistent Threats It describes an attack campaign by an intruder, where they establish a malicious, long-term presence on a network with the aim of mining sensitive data.
Chapter 03 : Penetration Testing
Chapter 03 : Penetration Testing It is a cyberattack that is simulated against your PC system to see if there are any exploitable vulnerabilities.
Counter-Hacking : Savior or Vigilante?
Is it okay for system administrators and users to continue having the same threats go undetected a year or two later ?
Ethical Hacking
An ethical hacker, also known as a white hat hacker, is an IT security expert with the same skill set as a malicious hacker (black hat hacker).
Chapter 06 : Steps Hackers Take to Execute a Successful Cyber Attack
Chapter 06 : Steps Hackers Take to Execute a Successful Cyber Attack
Chapter 07 : Incident response
Chapter 07 : Incident response
Chapter 08 : DNSSEC
Chapter 08 : DNSSEC
Chapter 09 : Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks
Chapter 09 : Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks